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Hi, I’m Diana!  Welcome to Renovated Learning.

Maybe you’re curious about this makerspace thing.  Or maybe you’re looking to redesign your learning space to work better for our modern students.  Or maybe you’re an educator (or someone who cares about education) who’s tired of the status quo and wants to see schools transformed with creativity.

I’m here to help.

I transformed my school library and started a makerspace from scratch and I want to empower other educators and librarians to do the same.

Here at Renovated Learning, I share my experiences in starting and running and makerspace and redesigning our learning space.

Whether you need help starting a makerspace or growing a makerspace you already have, there will be something here for you.  Let’s work together to make learning awesome again 🙂

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How to Build an EPIC LEGO Wall | Follow along with this detailed tutorial to create your very own EPIC LEGO Wall. Great for libraries, makerspaces, classrooms, bedrooms, offices or anywhere awesome. Bonus printable in post too! | RenovatedLearning.com

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The Power of Instagram to Connect With Students

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Read this Book: Making Science

  Over the summer of 2021, I collaborated with our 6th grade science teacher as part of a grant to find ways to incorporate makerspace activities into the curriculum. (Look for posts coming soon about some of the projects we did).  Part of our work was reading the book, Making Science: Reimagining STEM Education in … Read more