Defining Makerspaces: Part 2


(Wordcloud above created from the Twitter posts below)

Last week, someone criticized my makerspace as not being a “real” Makerspace because it does’t have power tools and suggested that I research what “real makerspaces” are.  Part one of my response to this criticism was my post last week where I looked for definitions from a variety of research and writing on makerspaces.  Today, I’m looking at what the Twitterverse had to say.

Here’s my original tweet out:

And here’s what Twitter had to say:

I later asked for people to share pictures of their #realmakerspaces.  Here’s some of the amazing tweets I received:


blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”>@DianaLRendina Here you go!

2 thoughts on “Defining Makerspaces: Part 2”

  1. Makerspaces FOR THE (em effin’) WIN!!!!

    Haters gonna hate, Diana. But teachers and students and librarians and parents and stakeholders and the whole TWITTERVERSE is gonna just keep on LOVING.

    Thanks for being you and for all of the GOOD you’re putting into school libraries and our profession!


    _ Matthew

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