Makerspaces in Schools: Creating STEAM Connections


Makerspaces in Schools- Creating STEAM Connections | In my article for Demco Ideas,I go into detail about how you can create STEAM connections in your makerspace.

Makerspaces in Schools: How to Create STEAM Connections

In our makerspace, our students are learning both formally and informally, discovering new things about science, engineering and more. They are gaining such skills as creativity, problem solving, and collaboration, and they’re having fun while doing it. Our makerspace truly is an invaluable STEAM resource for our school.

In my article for Demco Ideas, I talk about how we first started our makerspace, how it evolved and how I’ve worked to make STEAM connections in our library.  Our school is a STEM Magnet school, so bringing STEM and STEAM into our library was a huge priority for me from the get-go.  Read it here 🙂

Learn how to make STEAM Connections with:

  • Passive Programs
  • Collaborations with Teachers
  • During-school clubs

Click on over to Demco Ideas to read the rest.

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