5 Makerspace Books You NEED to Read

5 Makerspace Books You NEED to Read | In my AASL Knowledge Quest post, I talk about the five Makerspace books that had a huge influence on me when I was first starting our makerspace in 2014. | RenovatedLearning.com

What are the best Makerspace books to read?

I’ve got a new post up over on AASL Knowledge Quest where I talk about the 5 makerspace books that had the biggest impact on me during my first year of starting a makerspace at my school.  Check out the excerpt below:

I want to take a look back and focus on the five books that had the biggest impact on me as I was planning and creating my makerspace at Stewart Middle Magnet School.  This was back in late 2013/early 2014, when there wasn’t a ton of stuff out there that specifically focused on school makerspaces.  Even without a direct focus on library makerspaces, these books still had a profound impact in shaping my thinking about creating an innovative, playful learning environment.

Note – these five are specifically my top picks from when I first got started.  A lot of other awesome books have been published since then, so make sure you look back through my book reviews.

Want to see what my top five are?  Click on over to AASL Knowledge Quest and check it out 🙂