3 Ways a MakerFair Can Be An Awesome Advocacy Tool: AASL Post

3 Ways a Makerfair Can Be An Awesome Advocacy Tool: AASL Post | A Makerfair can be an amazing advocacy tool for both your library and your makerspace.   Learn how it can help you bring your community in, give your students a chance to be teachers and serve as a documentation of student learning.

3 Ways Your MakerFair Can Be An Awesome Advocacy Tool

As I reflect back on these three MakerFairs, I’ve come to realize what a powerful advocacy tool they have been for our space. You can tell people about how awesome your makerspace is all you want, but when they actually get to see it in action and learn from your students, amazing things happen. Here’s three ways that you can use a schoolwide MakerFair as an advocacy tool.

In my post on AASL Knowledge Quest, I discuss what I’ve learned from holding three years of MakerFairs at my school.  It’s one of my favorite events at school every year and it has become a vital way for me and my students to share about our makerspace with our community.  I’m going to be writing a series of MakerFair posts over the next few weeks and this is the start.  I’ll also be writing up an overview of our 2016 MakerFair and a post with my tips and advice on how to run a MakerFair at your school, including some free downloadable signs for Maker stations.

Click on over to AASL to check out my post on how MakerFairs can help you to:

  • Invite your community in and share it out
  • Let your students be the teachers
  • Document evidence of students learning in your makerspace