AASL Post: How to Connect Students to the World with the Cardboard Challenge

How to Connect Students to the World With the Cardboard Challenge | In my AASL post, I talk about how maker projects and makerspaces are fantastic for connecting your students globally. Here's how you can use the Global Cardboard Challenge and Skype.

Connecting Students to the World Through the Cardboard Challenge

Makerspaces and maker projects can be amazing catalysts for connecting your students with others. The Imagination Foundation’s Global Cardboard Challenge is one of my favorite maker activities to help my students feel connected to the world and see the power of making. Combine that with a Skype call with another school and you create amazing opportunities for global connections.

The Cardboard Challenge has long been a staple activity in our makerspace.  In fact, I just wrote about our 2016 challenge in my previous post.

In my AASL Knowledge Quest post, I share about how I setup a Skype call during our challenge so that my students could share their projects and connect to the world.  I also used Instagram and Twitter as a platform to share my students projects with the world and to give them an authentic audience.

Check out the post to read more about…

  • How watching Caine’s Arcade helps to get my students excited (and what we learned from watching the sequel)
  • Tips on running a challenge at your school
  • Ideas for structuring the challenge to give your students a focus
  • Suggested supplies
  • Tips on using Skype and social media to connect your students