AASL Post: 5 Conference Tips and Tricks from an Overplanner

Having a plan before you go to a big conference can make your experience so much better. Here's some tips from a seasoned overplanner.

I’ve come to realize that I’m an overplanner (my friends are probably rolling their eyes right now). I get this trait from my dad. I love to research places, read articles, make maps, create itineraries.

Conferences are one of my favorite ways to learn.  And I’m an overplanner.  When you combine these two things, it means that there’s a ridiculous amount of research and planning that goes into every conference I attend.  I know that not everyone wants to plan to this degree, but there are still some useful tips and tricks you can takeaway to help you prepare for a conference.

5 Conference Tips and Tricks from an Overplanner

In my post on AASL Knowledge Quest, I share some of my favorite tips for preparing for a conference.  Click on over to learn about how you can prepare by:

  • Creating a custom Google Map
  • Knowing the convention center layout
  • Creating a note or doc with important info
  • Printing out physical back-ups
  • Having a food plan

Are you an overplanner when it comes to conferences?  What are some strategies you use?

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