How to Identify and Reframe Design Problems in Your Library Space

How to Identify and Reframe DESIGN PROBLEMS in your library space | When looking at our library spaces, we can often intuitively tell when something is wrong. By identifying these problems and reframing them in a way that focuses on their effects on students, we can advocate for change.

Figuring out the Design Problems in Your Space In my latest post at AASL Knowledge Quest, I focus on how to identify the various design problems in your space and how to advocate for changing them.  Check out this preview below: Many of us are rethinking and redesigning our library spaces. We have visions of … Read more

How to Get Library Design Inspiration: 6 Places to Visit

How to Get Library Design Inspiration: 6 Places to Visit | Many people think that the main place to get ideas for library space design is in other school libraries. However, we have much to learn from other types of learning environments. Here, I suggest six places for getting library design inspiration. @DianaLRendina

Library Design Inspiration: How to Find it When rethinking and redesigning our library spaces, many of us tend to focus on looking at other school libraries for ideas and inspiration.  However, there’s quite a few other learning environments and resources we should consider when planning our spaces.  Some are more traditional than others, but all … Read more

How to Organize Your littleBits Collection

How to Organize Your littleBits collection | In this post, I detail my strategies and best practices for organizing a collection of littleBits. My school has a ProLibrary and 800 students, so finding an effective organization solution was critical.

How to Organize Your littleBits Back in the summer of 2014 when our makerspace was really starting to take shape, I won a littleBits ProLibrary in their Summer of STEAM contest.  The library came with the now optional wall storage but I knew that I didn’t have a wall space where I wanted to put … Read more

Makerspace Logistics: What Happens When I’m Not There

Makerspace Logistics: What Happens to my Makerspace When I'm Out | One question I frequently get is how much access my students have to our makerspace when I'm out speaking or sick. Here, I explain how I make it work.

This post is part of an occasional Makerspace Logisitics series, where I answer reader questions about the logistics of running our makerspace.  Here, I address what happens to my makerspace when I’m out In an ideal world… I would have a secretary and a second librarian and I would always get substitutes when I’m out. … Read more

The Renovated Learning MANIFESTO

The Renovated Learning Manifesto | A post reflecting on who I am, what I'm passionate about, and what my goals are for Renovated Learning

What lead to the Renovated Learning Manifesto… I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting lately.  After reading Essentialism, I’ve been soul-searching and trying to suss out where my true passions lie.  Meanwhile, I’ve been reading business and productivity blogs, learning about SEO, and studying my Pinterest and Twitter analytics.  I’ve been trying to … Read more

How to Run a Rubber Band Launcher Challenge

How to run a RUBBER BAND LAUNCHER CHALLENGE: Includes suggested supplies, skills that help, ground rules to set and recommended resources for running a Rubber Band Launcher Challenge in your makerspace.

If you’ve been following Renovated Learning for awhile, you might remember the Catapult Challenge my Stewart Makers Club did last year with Colleen Graves’ students at Lamar Middle School.  My students had SO MUCH FUN with that challenge, although I always felt like Catapult Challenge was a bit of a misnomer, since our students’ creations … Read more

How to Start a Makerspace When You’re Broke

How to Start a Makerspace When You're Broke

  You CAN start a makerspace even if you’re broke In my recent post on AASL Knowledge Quest, I decided to revisit and revamp a popular article that I wrote for the ISTE Librarians Network Scanner about starting a makerspace on a budget.  Since writing that article in November 2014, I’ve talked to many more educators and … Read more