Build of the Week: littleBits and LEGOs Crane

*Build of the Week is a regularly occurring segment on Renovated Learning where I’ll share some of the awesome stuff my students have been making over the past week.*  My kids amaze me every week with the stuff they come up with in our Makerspace.  I’ve converted our video storage room into the Maker Room, and … Read more

Build of the Week: The Best Game Ever

This week, I introduced my after-school STEAM club to the Cardboard Challenge.  When I first told them we were going to be building games from cardboard, my teens were skeptical.  All their brainstorming ideas at first involved coding and electronics.  Then we watched Caine’s Arcade and they were entranced.  Suddenly, the ideas started pouring out … Read more

How to Build an Epic LEGO Wall

How to Build an EPIC LEGO Wall | Follow along with this detailed tutorial to create your very own EPIC LEGO Wall. Great for libraries, makerspaces, classrooms, bedrooms, offices or anywhere awesome. Bonus printable in post too! |

If you’re the type of person who loves to print instructions out, I’ve created a printable pdf just for you  🙂   Click here for a free download!   Building an EPIC LEGO WALL This post is a tutorial on how to build your own Epic LEGO Wall.  I’ve had many, many people ask me … Read more

The STEM Maker Library Grant

In all the craziness of last year, I forgot to blog about one of the grants we received.  Almost every year that I’ve been a media specialist, I’ve applied for a grant from the Hillsborough Education Foundation.  In previous years, I’ve applied for more graphic novels, books geared towards reluctant readers, and audiobooks.  This year, … Read more

A peek at our future Maker Corner

A few days ago, I tweeted out this image of our future Makerspace that I created in Skitch on my iPad.  I was inspired by The Nerdy Teacher’s post on rethinking his classroom setup, and I wanted to create a visual that could show what our space will be like when it all comes together. … Read more