Read This Book: My Pencil Made Me Do It

Read This Book: My Pencil Made Me Do It // Carrie's book is the story of her journey into sketchnoting and how it helped her and her students to grow.

I’ve followed Carrie Baughcum’s work on Twitter and Instagram for awhile.  We briefly met F2F back at ISTE 2016 in Denver.  I’ve loved the positive, upbeat and fun loving tone that she shares in her posts.  So when I heard that she was publishing a book about sketchnoting this past fall, I quickly preordered a … Read more

9 Favorite Tools for Making Awesome Sketchnotes

9 Favorite Tools for Making Awesome Sketchnotes // Here's some of my favorite pens, notebooks, markers and pencils for making physical sketchnotes.

I’ve been using sketchnotes a lot lately as a way to help me focus and retain information with virtual PD.  Here’s a mini-post in case you’d like to know what tools I use for sketchnoting (or were thinking about getting some for yourself.) A quick “note”: I prefer physical sketchnoting.  I know that there’s great … Read more

Virtual PD Hack: Sketchnoting Conference Recordings

Virtual PD Hack: Sketchnoting Conference Recordings // Now that we all have more time for virtual PD, I've discovered a particular hack that's working really well for me: sketchnoting recordings of conferences sessions and webinars.

Virtual PD Hack: Sketchnoting Conference Recordings (and Webinars) Like many other educators around the globe, back in March I quite suddenly found myself teleworking.  As a librarian, I struggled with this, since so much of what I do is about connecting with teachers and students.  I worked at our online student help desk, trained our … Read more

AASL Post: 5 Conference Tips and Tricks from an Overplanner

Having a plan before you go to a big conference can make your experience so much better. Here's some tips from a seasoned overplanner.

I’ve come to realize that I’m an overplanner (my friends are probably rolling their eyes right now). I get this trait from my dad. I love to research places, read articles, make maps, create itineraries. Conferences are one of my favorite ways to learn.  And I’m an overplanner.  When you combine these two things, it … Read more

AASL Post: 4 Ways You Can Get Creative This Summer

4 Ways You Can Get Creative This Summer: Summer break is a great opportunity to pursue creative passions and get inspired for the upcoming school year. Here's some things to try.

Whether you’re already knee-deep into makerspaces or just toying with the idea of maybe adding some LEGOs to your library next year, we can all benefit by making time for creative experiences. Summer is a great time to rest, renew and grow as individuals.  Making time for creative experiences and pursuits is one great way … Read more

AASL Post: To Teach Makers, We Must Become Makers

To Teach Makers We Must Become Makers // If we want to help teach and support our makers, we must become makers ourselves. By taking on projects, we can learn the design process and develop empathy.

Makerspaces are amazing places. Our students can learn all kinds of new skills. But it behooves us to learn some of those skills ourselves. You certainly don’t have to be an expert in all things to create a makerspace in your library. When I first started creating a makerspace in my library in 2014, I … Read more

Farewell to the Newsletter, Hello to Meaningful Blogging

Farewell to the Newsletter, Hello to Meaningful Blogging

Cross-posted from my last e-mail newsletter.  Post contains affiliate links.  If you make a purchase using them, I get a small commission that helps support running this blog. Reflections on Passion About two years ago, I wrote the Renovated Learning Manifesto.   At the time, I was getting caught up in a fervor of learning about blogging … Read more

AASL Post: A New Year’s Reset for Your Library Program

A New Year's Reset for Your Library Program | Reflect on the past year and make plans to reset and restart in the New Year.

(Note: I’m a bit behind on reposting these here, so please excuse the lateness) January is a popular month for resolutions, detoxes, resets, etc. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the previous year, to look at what went right and what could have been better. Being that it’s also the middle of the school … Read more