AASL 15 Reflections

AASL 15 Reflections - In this post, I share about my experiences at the AASL 2015 conference in Columbus, OH. It starts with the Treasure Mountain preconference, then moves on to talking about meeting authors, seeing friends, sharing about makerspaces and more.

AASL Awesomeness Last week I went to my first ever American Association of School Librarians conference in Columbus, OH (thanks to ABC-CLIO and the France Henne award).  It was an amazing and wonderful whirlwind of hanging out with friends, listening to fantastic speakers, meeting my favorite authors and getting to share with so many people … Read more

Read This Book: Making Makers

Making Makers: Kids, Tools, and the Future of Innovation | This book takes a look at the childhood expereinces of many prominent makers, and looks at what common factors they had. It also offers advice for helping raise the next generation of makers.

“What is a ‘maker’? Quite simply, makers make things. Some makers build robots, some sew clothes, some prepare food, some design tools, some construct houses. ‘Maker’ isn’t a title conveyed after passing some test or degree program; rather, it is a self-identification.  It’s also not, by any stretch of the imagination, a new concept.” In … Read more

FAME 2015 Reflections: Workshops, Maker Playground + More

FAME 2015 Reflections: At FAME 2015 in Orlando, FL, I led my first workshop, organized a makerspace playground, presented on library design and more.

Since I became a media specialist, I’ve had the honor and privilege of attending my state media specialists conference, FAME, every year.  (You can find my posts on 2014, 2013).  Those last two were some of the first times I blogged professionally. Last year’s FAME conference was my very first time presenting anywhere.  This year’s FAME … Read more

SLJ Leadership Summit: School Tours

SLJ Leadership Summit: School Tours | As a part of the 2015 SLJ Leadership Summit, there were school tours to four local schools, including elementary, middle, high and private. These tours gave a great snapshot of the state of school libraries in Seattle, WA.

A few weeks ago, I had the honor and privilege of attending the School Library Journal Leadership Summit in Seattle, WA. It was an amazing weekend filled with sightseeing, learning and good times with friends old and new.  I’m going to break up the experience with several posts, starting with today’s. School Tours in Seattle, … Read more

Read This Book: Creative Confidence

Read This Book: Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All | The perfect book for anyone who's ever insisted that they aren't creative. This book explains how we are all creative, and offers strategies and exercises for flexing your creative muscles.

  Creative Confidence I’m always up for reading books that deal with creativity and self-improvement.  Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All certainly did not disappoint in this realm.  Coming from the two guys who started the Stanford d.school and IDEO, I was excited to read about their perspective on creativity and design.  While … Read more

Tinkering Fundamentals: Week 6

Tinkering Fundamentals: Week 6 | After the final week of the Tinkering Fundamentals MOOC, I look back and reflect on what I've learned throughout the course.

Tinkering Fundamentals is a massive open online course (MOOC) put on by San Francisco’s Exploratorium museum every summer.  I’m going to be chronicling my six weeks with this course here so you can learn along with me.  See Week One, Week Two , Week Three, Week Four, and Week Five  for more. Wow, these last six weeks have flown … Read more

Valuable Lessons from my First Makerspace Year

Valuable Lessons From My First Makerspace Year | In my AASL Knowledge Quest blog post, I look back and reflect on my school's first makerspace year, including what went well and what could have been better.

Valuable Lessons from my First Makerspace Year In my article for AASL’s Knowledge Quest blog, I decided to reflect on my first year of having a Makerspace in my library.  I started our Makerspace back in January of 2014, so 2014-2015 was my first full school year with a Makerspace, our first makerspace year. Check … Read more