Empowering Students Through Makerspaces

Empowering Students through Makerspaces : How to Create a Space that Amplifies Student Voice

Empowering Students Through Makerspaces: How to Create a Space that Amplifies Student Voice

Our makerspaces can be more than just a place in our libraries to build and create – they can be spaces that empower our students and amplify student voice. Learn how to utilize strategies such as open exploration time, flexible design challenges, and classroom collaborations as a way to give students opportunities to express themselves and explore their interests in your makerspace. We’ll talk about social emotional learning, accessibility and ways to tap into student interests in our spaces. Make your makerspace an engaging and vital part of your library by creating space for your students to take the lead.
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Challenge-Based Learning in the School Library MakerspaceChallenge Based Learning in the School Library Makerspace

My book that I co-wrote along with Colleen and Aaron Graves.  Much of this presentation is based off of the content of this book, so if you find this presentation valuable, you’ll probably like the book too.

In this book, we go into depth about how to create a maker culture within your school, develop an interactive learning space and more.  We discuss the logistics of hosting maker workshops, creating design challenge prompts and documenting the learning process.



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