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Many school libraries still look like they did fifty years ago. But our libraries are no longer quiet dusty book repositories. Librarians are leading the way in technology use and modern pedagogy in our schools – now we need to update our spaces to match. In this workshop, you will get ideas and inspiration for transforming the physical space of your libraries to make them innovative, student-friendly learning environments. We’ll talk about how to apply learning space design theory to renovate your library. You’ll learn how to survey your students, create a focus group, and use design thinking to brainstorm ideas for your space. We’ll spend time brainstorming our spaces and making plans for the future. Participants will be able to explain why changes to the physical space are needed and will learn strategies that they can apply immediately, no matter what their budget. This workshop will leave you feeling empowered to make the changes that are needed in our library spaces.



Reimagining Library Spaces
Reimagining Library Spaces: Transform Your Space on Any Budget

In my book, Reimagining Library Spaces, I breakdown a practical process for rethinking and redesigning a library space, no matter where your budget is at.  Each chapter includes action steps and connections to the ISTE standards.  The book also includes examples of four different reimagined library spaces.





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Makerspaces: Getting Started, Leveling Up and Cultivating Creativity


Makerspaces have the power to transform your space into a hub of creativity and innovation. Maybe you’ve already gotten started, but you aren’t sure how to take your students to the next level in their making. Or maybe you feel overwhelmed and have no idea where to start. Either way, this workshop is here for you. Come learn practical strategies for bringing dynamic hands-on learning to your school. I’ll share my experiences from starting a makerspace from scratch in 2014 in a public Title 1 middle school library, as well as how I’m building my maker program at a 6-12 independent school. We’ll get hands-on with projects and learn how to dive deep with design challenges, including advice on how to create design prompts, facilitate a challenge and share out student learning. We’ll spend time brainstorming together about ways to build up and improve our spaces. You’ll get practical advice and tips on how to create a makerspace that will engage your students. And you’ll learn ways that you can further develop maker culture, share your students’ learning with others and connect with curriculum. Come to this workshop and let’s make something awesome together.


Challenge-Based Learning in the School Library MakerspaceChallenge Based Learning in the School Library Makerspace

My book that I co-wrote along with Colleen and Aaron Graves.  Much of this presentation is based off of the content of this book, so if you find this presentation valuable, you’ll probably like the book too.

In this book, we go into depth about how to create a maker culture within your school, develop an interactive learning space and more.  We discuss the logistics of hosting maker workshops, creating design challenge prompts and documenting the learning process.


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