Library Vibe Squad

Library Vibe Squad: Bringing Student Voice into Your Space with a Library Leadership Team

Want to bring more student voice into your library space? Start a library leadership team! Our Library Leadership Team, also known as the Library Vibe Squad, is made up of a group of students in middle school and high school who meet twice a month to help plan programs, displays, outreach events and just generally work to make the library more awesome. In this session, I’ll share about the process of getting started, forming a team, planning meetings, divvying up responsibilities and allowing space for more student voice. We’ll talk about strategies for forming a leadership team at your school, what road bumps you might run into, and how to give your students the leadership reigns. I’ll also share about future ideas for our library leadership program and talk about the work my students have done since we started. We’ll also get the student perspective with testimonials from my students on their experiences in library leadership. Whether you already have a thriving student assistant program or are just dipping your toes into having a student library board, there will be something for you here.


Tools we Use

More resources

  • Library Leaders t-shirts were ordered custom from Keen Bee Studio
  • School Librarians United Podcast Episodes
    • Episode 201: Library Science Students – Listening to this fantastic episode with Katie McNamara was inspiring and helped give me the push to create a Library Leadership program.  I hope to one day have a class like hers as well.
    • AASL 23 Episode – My Library Leader students are interviewed from minutes 7-12!
  • Library Ambassador Programs – slides from Karina Q & Amanda Hunt’s presentation at AASL 23, which inspired the section on Standards connections.