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Makerspaces 201: I’ve Got Cardboard, Now What?

The Maker Movement is taking the education world by storm and many teachers and librarians have been excited to create makerspaces in their schools. But once you’ve got the supplies and the space, it can be difficult to figure out how to keep the momentum going. In this session, you will learn about how the makerspace program at one middle school started with just three bins of K’nex and a vision. After three years, the makerspace transformed the library into the STEAM hub of the school. I’ll share my experiences from what I’ve learned in my own makerspaces and from visiting makerspaces across the country. You’ll learn strategies for setting up your MakerSpace, building a Maker culture in your school, involving your community, connecting with other schools, optimizing storage space for supplies and projects, and other useful tips and tricks to take your makerspace to the next level.

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Challenge-Based Learning in the School Library MakerspaceChallenge Based Learning in the School Library Makerspace

My book that I co-wrote along with Colleen and Aaron Graves.  Much of this presentation is based off of the content of this book, so if you find this presentation valuable, you’ll probably like the book too.

In this book, we go into depth about how to create a maker culture within your school, develop an interactive learning space and more.  We discuss the logistics of hosting maker workshops, creating design challenge prompts and documenting the learning process.



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