How to Run a Tech Take Apart Workshop in Your Makerspace

How to run a tech take apart workshop in your makerspace // Learn how to plan for, setup and run a tech take apart workshop in your makerspace

  How to Run a Tech Take Apart Workshop in Your Makerspace Tech Take Apart is a fun, low-budget activity that gets students excited about seeing how the inner workings of electronics function.  That being said, my first time attempting this activity with middle school students was a disaster (so much so that I only … Read more

Innovation Exchange

Innovation Exchange

Innovation Exchange Fishers, IN June 7-8 2018 Click the links next to the images to access resources and slides from my presentations at the Innovation Exchange conference in Fishers, IN. Makerspaces 201: I’ve Got Cardboard, Now What? Click here for slides and resources           How to Reimagine Your Library Space and … Read more

How to Create Makerspace Organization that Actually Works

Figuring out how to get (and keep) your makerspace organized can be a daunting task.  I don’t claim to have a magical organization system that works perfectly 100% of the time.  But I have learned a few things about keeping our space organized over the last three years.  Here’s my advice: How to Create Makerspace … Read more

The 2016 Stewart MakerFair: Featuring the Awesome MakerCave & More

The 2016 Stewart MakerFair | Our 3rd Annual MakerFair was an awesome, amazing event. Learn all about our Maker Stations, Make and Take activities, and our awesome student projects, including the K'nex Crossbow, Maker Cave. K'nex roller coaster and Sphero vs. Dash obstacle course.

The 2016 Stewart MakerFair Every year since we started our makerspace in January 2014, we’ve held a Maker Fair during the last conference night of the year (See our 2014 MakerFair and our 2015 MakerFair).  This year’s was even bigger and more awesome.  We had more interactive student projects and I had more student volunteers … Read more

Read this Book: Steal Like an Artist

Read this Book: Steal Like an Artist | While being an educator might not be seen as a "creative" type career, the advice that Austin Kleon offers about sharing your work and putting yourself out there really resonates with me. There's a great deal we educators have to learn from him. |

While on the flight to AASL in Columbus, OH, I read Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative in its entirety.  Like Show Your Work, which I read over the summer, Steal Like an Artist offers fantastic advice on being creative, promoting your work, sharing with others and following your … Read more

FAME 2015 Reflections: Workshops, Maker Playground + More

FAME 2015 Reflections: At FAME 2015 in Orlando, FL, I led my first workshop, organized a makerspace playground, presented on library design and more.

Since I became a media specialist, I’ve had the honor and privilege of attending my state media specialists conference, FAME, every year.  (You can find my posts on 2014, 2013).  Those last two were some of the first times I blogged professionally. Last year’s FAME conference was my very first time presenting anywhere.  This year’s FAME … Read more

Building Curriculum Connections Into Makerspaces

Building Curriculum Connections into Makerspaces | In my article for the Florida Media Quarterly, I describe how I've incorporated curriculum connections into my makerspace program.

  Curriculum Connections in Makerspaces In an article I wrote for Florida Media Quarterly, I describe ways that I’ve built curriculum connections into my makerspace.  I get this question often, so I wanted to describe a few of the things I’ve done at Stewart.  This is by no means an exhaustive list.  Nor am I saying … Read more

Defining Makerspaces: What the Research Says

Defining MAKERSPACES: What the research says: After receiving criticism that my space was not a "real makerspace", I decided to draft my own definition and take a look at how research defines makerspaces.

Recently, I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with criticism.  I was told (not to my face) by a visitor to our school that our library makerspace is not a “real makerspace”.  This same person stated that our woodshop is a “real makerspace” because it has power tools.  She suggested that I “do some research” on … Read more


Presentations - Resources, links, slides and other resources from presentations I've done at workshops, conferences and other fun places.
I believe in openly sharing educational resources as much as possible.  I know that not everyone can afford the money or time to make it to professional conferences. That's why I've created this presentation page. I've collected slides and resources from presentations I have made, so whether or not you were able to make it, ... Read more