Open Exploration in a Makerspace: What it is and Why We Need It

Open Exploration in a Makerspace: What it is and Why We Need It // Students benefit when they have the opportunity for both structured and unstructured time in makerspace. Here's a look at what open exploration is and why it's important.

Open Exploration in a Makerspace: What it is and Why We Need It In a thriving makerspace, there is a balance.  Design challenges allow students to work together on a similar theme coming from a design prompt.  The challenge creates constraints, but not necessarily structure. Workshops are focused more on learning a specific skill.  Usually … Read more

5 Ways to Get Your Makerspace Ready for a New Year

5 Ways to Get Your Makerspace Ready : A new school year means new opportunities to get your makerspace ready for students. Here's some tips and tricks for sprucing things up and starting the year off strong.

It’s that time of year again – the first days of the school year will soon be upon us (and for some of you, it may already be here).  Getting ready for the year means pre-planning meetings, making photocopies, arranging class schedules and all the other good stuff that comes in August and September every … Read more

Starting a Makerspace from Scratch: Introducing The IDEAlab & Makerspace

Starting a makerspace from scratch // The IDEAlab and makerspace is the space for creative exploration at my school. But not too long ago, the space was an office/storage room. Here's how it transformed.

The IDEAlab &  Makerspace is my school’s space for creative exploration in our library.  But not too long ago, the room was the librarian’s office and a storage space (it’s still my office too).  Before I was hired in the summer of 2017, plans were in place to transform the room into a virtual reality … Read more

How to Choose Books to Support Your Makerspace

How to Choose Books to Support Your Makerspace // Books are an essential part of any makerspace. Here's advice on how to choose the right books for your particular makerspace and school.

Why We Need Books in Makerspaces Books play an essential role in all makerspaces, whether they are in the library or not.  Instructional books can support students in learning complex skills and tools. Project books can give ideas and inspiration for what to make next.  Art books can provide visual inspiration.   Professional development books can … Read more

The Renovated Learning Philosophy of Makerspaces

The Renovated Learning Philosophy of Makerspaces // Putting into words your ideas and philosophy on a particular concept isn't always easy. In this post, I attempt to articulate my own personal philosophy on makerspaces in schools.

Writing a post like this isn’t easy.  I feel like I know in my heart what my philosophy on makerspaces is, but putting it into tangible statements seems harder.  So I started thinking about this more as a manifesto – if I was to make a grand statement about what I feel the value of … Read more

3 Myths About Libraries, Makerspaces And Books

3 Myths About Libraries, Makerspaces and Books : The are many misunderstandings and misconceptions about how school libraries and makerspaces co-exist - this post addresses 3 of the myths surrounding makerspaces, libraries and books.

3 Myths About Libraries, Makerspaces and Books Even though they’ve been around since 2013, school library makerspaces still have a lot of misunderstandings surrounding them.  This confusion can come from administrators, teachers, students and the librarians themselves. Unfortunately, believing these myths can often cause decisions to be made about libraries that are detrimental to the … Read more

Challenge Based Learning in Makerspaces

Challenge Based Learning In Makerspaces.001

*Page contains affiliate links.  Actions taken may result in commissions for Renovated Learning Challenge Based Learning in Makerspaces: How to Use Design to Cultivate Creativity (Note: this presentation is a slightly updated version of Design Challenges in Makerspaces) Design challenges have the power to encourage creativity in your students – by providing limitations and guidelines, students … Read more

Makerspaces and Libraries: How to Bring Some STEAM into Your Program

Makerspaces Workshop Updated 7-17.001

*Page contains affiliate links. Actions taken may result in commissions for Renovated Learning Makerspaces and Libraries: Concurrent Session Version Makerspaces and the Maker Education movement are quickly taking hold of the library world. In this session, you can learn what the Maker Movement is and find some ways to get started bringing Science Technology Engineering … Read more