Making Doesn’t Have An Age Limit

Making doesn't have an age limit | I'm tired of people implying that makerspaces are only good for (insert age group here). We are all makers, whether we're 8 or 80.

  Making Doesn’t Have an Age Limit @DianaLRendina @jhunderhill @venspired Went to a session & speaker said making should only happen at elem. level after that it was too late. — Heather Moorefield (@actinginthelib) July 26, 2015 “Makerspaces are too complicated for elementary students.  You can only get in depth with middle and high school … Read more

Tinkering Fundamentals: Week 1 Reflections

Tinkering Fundamentals: Week 1 | In Week 1 of the Tinkering Fundamentals MOOC, I take a look at what the course will entail and talk about my takeaways from the readings.

Tinkering Fundamentals: Week 1   Tinkering Fundamentals is a massive open online course (MOOC) put on by San Francisco’s Exploratorium museum every summer.  I’m going to be chronicling my six weeks with this course here so you can learn along with me Last summer, I heard about the Tinkering Fundamentals MOOC from my friend Colleen … Read more

Defining Makerspaces: Part 2

(Wordcloud above created from the Twitter posts below) Last week, someone criticized my makerspace as not being a “real” Makerspace because it does’t have power tools and suggested that I research what “real makerspaces” are.  Part one of my response to this criticism was my post last week where I looked for definitions from a variety … Read more

Defining Makerspaces: What the Research Says

Defining MAKERSPACES: What the research says: After receiving criticism that my space was not a "real makerspace", I decided to draft my own definition and take a look at how research defines makerspaces.

Recently, I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with criticism.  I was told (not to my face) by a visitor to our school that our library makerspace is not a “real makerspace”.  This same person stated that our woodshop is a “real makerspace” because it has power tools.  She suggested that I “do some research” on … Read more

How to Build an Epic LEGO Wall

How to Build an EPIC LEGO Wall | Follow along with this detailed tutorial to create your very own EPIC LEGO Wall. Great for libraries, makerspaces, classrooms, bedrooms, offices or anywhere awesome. Bonus printable in post too! |

If you’re the type of person who loves to print instructions out, I’ve created a printable pdf just for you  🙂   Click here for a free download!   Building an EPIC LEGO WALL This post is a tutorial on how to build your own Epic LEGO Wall.  I’ve had many, many people ask me … Read more