Read This Book: Keep Going by Austin Kleon

Read this book: Keep Going, by Austin Kleon // If you are human, you are creative. This book helps you with learning how to keep going and stay creative even when it feels like everything is going wrong.

I’ve been a fan of Austin Kleon’s work for several years now.  Steal Like an Artist had a huge impact on me as an educator and I frequently quote it in my conference presentations.   Show Your Work helped me to better understand the importance of sharing what I’m doing (like right here on this blog). … Read more

AASL Post: 6 Amazing Books to Inspire Your Library Space Design

AASL Post: 6 Amazing Books to Inspire Your Library Space Design | Want to change up your library space? Check out these books for some great recommendations.

I’ve been studying library space design a lot the last few months.  I’m currently working on a book for ISTE, tentatively titled Reimagining Library Spaces, that will be out sometime in the fall.  As I’ve been going through research, I thought it would be great to share some of my favorite learning space design books … Read more

Read this Book: The Language of School Design

Read this Book: The Language of School Design | In this amazing work on learning space design, the authors identify 29 different design patterns for 21st century schools. Included are many pictures, graphics and examples of the 29 design patterns. Some of these patterns include: cave space, daylight, connection to community, and indoor-outdoor connection. This is a fantastic book to inspire changes in our learning spaces to make them more conducive to 21st century learning.

The Language of School Design The Language of School Design: Design Patterns for 21st Century Schools, is a fantastic, well-designed book that takes a broad look at what makes a 21st Century School a modern learning space.  They break these ideas down into 29 well-researched Design Patterns.  Included with each of the patterns are examples … Read more

How to Get Library Design Inspiration: 6 Places to Visit

How to Get Library Design Inspiration: 6 Places to Visit | Many people think that the main place to get ideas for library space design is in other school libraries. However, we have much to learn from other types of learning environments. Here, I suggest six places for getting library design inspiration. @DianaLRendina

Library Design Inspiration: How to Find it When rethinking and redesigning our library spaces, many of us tend to focus on looking at other school libraries for ideas and inspiration.  However, there’s quite a few other learning environments and resources we should consider when planning our spaces.  Some are more traditional than others, but all … Read more

An Ode to the Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual

An Ode to the Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual | The Readers Digest Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual served as a source of creative inspiration for me as a child. I loved flipping through its pages and dreaming up project ideas.

The Complete Do-it-yourself Manual When I was growing up, the 1973 edition of the Reader’s Digest Complete Do-it-yourself Manual sat on a shelf in our garage.  I was born in 1984, so the book was well over a decade old by the time I was reading it.  I wasn’t really that into the handyman section … Read more

How to Let Go of Fear & Put Yourself Out There

How to LET GO of FEAR and Put Yourself Out There | It can be so easy for us to downplay our achievements, to be scared of the criticism of others, and to never share our voices. But I feel that it is vital for us to put ourselves out there, take the risk, and share our stories. |

As I’ve been reflecting on all that’s happened this year and I look ahead to next year, I’ve been thinking about how things have changed for me and how I’ve grown. Learning to put yourself out there When I first started working as a school librarian just over five years ago, I was treading water, trying to … Read more

What if we had CREATIVITY bellwork?

What if we had CREATIVITY BELLWORK? | What if, instead of forcing students through dull worksheets everyday, we created bellwork that allows them to flex their creativity?

  I’m working through Austin Kleon‘s amazing Steal Like an Artist Journal (Check out my review of his book Steal Like an Artist here).  As I’ve been working through the various exercises designed to boost creativity and help you get new ideas, I was struck by how beneficial these types of exercises would be to our … Read more

Defining Makerspaces: What the Research Says

Defining MAKERSPACES: What the research says: After receiving criticism that my space was not a "real makerspace", I decided to draft my own definition and take a look at how research defines makerspaces.

Recently, I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with criticism.  I was told (not to my face) by a visitor to our school that our library makerspace is not a “real makerspace”.  This same person stated that our woodshop is a “real makerspace” because it has power tools.  She suggested that I “do some research” on … Read more

A Christmas Story: YOU Make a Difference

That’s a picture of my paternal grandparents, Howell and Irene Loper.  My grandmother, Irene Garris Loper, was a school teacher in the same district I work in now.  She got her education degree at Florida State Women’s College (now Florida State University).  She taught in other counties before she settled with my grandfather and my … Read more