Valuable Lessons from my First Makerspace Year

Valuable Lessons From My First Makerspace Year | In my AASL Knowledge Quest blog post, I look back and reflect on my school's first makerspace year, including what went well and what could have been better.

Valuable Lessons from my First Makerspace Year

In my article for AASL’s Knowledge Quest blog, I decided to reflect on my first year of having a Makerspace in my library.  I started our Makerspace back in January of 2014, so 2014-2015 was my first full school year with a Makerspace, our first makerspace year.

Check out this excerpt from my article:

My ideas and philosophy were constantly growing and evolving as we tried new activities and formats at my school.  Some experiments worked; some failed miserably.  But I learned from each and every one as our makerspace grew into an integral part of our library culture.  Looking back on the last year and a half, I’ve realized that there’s several essential lessons I’ve learned in getting our makerspace going. Hopefully they can help save you some stress (and reassure you that everything will be awesome).

As more and more schools are creating makerspaces and changing how they pursue learning, I think it’s essential for us to look back and reflect and see what we can do to make things even more awesome.  I learned a lot of lessons in our first makerspace year, including:

  • Look for inspiration everywhere
  • Let others know what you’re up to
  • Listen to student voice from the beginning
  • Make it unique for your space
  • Don’t wait until you’re ready

Read the whole thing over on AASL Knowledge Quest.

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  1. I know very little about a Maker Space but was asked to start one. Where do I begin? I am an art teacher so I think I have some ideas in that area but I know that there are many other areas that could be used. We have no special time set up in our schedule for this so right now it is overwhelming. HELP

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