LEGO Wall Round-up: Celebrating a Year of Awesome

LEGO Wall Round-up: Celebrating a Year of Awesome | One year after building the LEGO wall at Stewart Middle Magnet School and posting a tutorial, I've collected images and stories of LEGO walls in other schools around the world.

LEGO Wall Round-up: Celebrating a Year of Awesome

One year ago today, I put up that last brick and finished building our Epic LEGO Wall at Stewart.  Since then, I’ve been awed and humbled to see so many other schools build LEGO walls.  In classrooms, in libraries, in hallways, on old mobile whiteboards.  I can’t take credit for all of these, but it’s nice to know that my posts about our LEGO wall have inspired and helped others to create theirs.  It’s so exciting to see such a variety of spaces, and to see so many schools embracing interactive, creative spaces for their students.  A little over a month ago, I put out a call on my blog and on Twitter for pictures of your LEGO walls, and you all did not disappoint.  So here’s a delightful sampling of LEGO walls around the world.

Falcon Fab Lab

Falcon Fab Lab

Jen Giuffre created a LEGO wall in the Falcon Fab Lab at Bay Pointe Middle.  This former science classroom has been converted into a Makerspace that classes can sign up to use for projects.

LEGO Wall @ Shorecrest Prep

Shorecrest Prep Makerspace

Shorecrest Prep has one of my favorite LEGO wall setups.  Dottie Smay and Courtney Walker didn’t have enough wall space to create a full wall, but they did have some mini-walls around the office that they converted into a makerspace.  They created a unique, single plate wide LEGO wall around the doorway and underneath the windows.  They offer up design challenges for their students to create, and then include mini-clothespins and pieces of paper for the students to “sign” their work.  And, they converted a bookdrop into a LEGO bin.  Genius!

LEGO Walls from Twitter

Jennifer Glasheen in Orlando, FL

Randie Groden in Massachusetts

Heather Lister from Pennsylvania

14 foot long LEGO wall!
14 foot long LEGO wall!

14 Foot Long LEGO Wall

Ryan Steele created this amazing 14 foot long LEGO wall in his newly revamped learning commons.  The entire space is absolutely gorgeous and one of the best library redesigns I’ve seen, so make sure to check out his post.


Idea Street LEGO Wall

Glenn Robbins is putting an 80×80 inch LEGO in the fifth grade hallway as part of their Idea Street, which involves makerspaces and collaborative spaces throughout the hallways.  I’m looking forward to watching the growth of this space 🙂

LEGO hallway

LEGO Hallway

Todd Burleson has built an amazing LEGO hallway as part of his library’s new Idea Lab.  He used 300 baseplates and attached them to both sides of the hallway, to the back wall, and even to the archway.  And, the space has a whiteboard wall built in too.  Check out his posts on the space; it’s seriously awesome.

More Twitter LEGO Walls

Another awesome LEGO wall


Do you have a LEGO wall at your school?  Share a link in the comments!

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