5 Easy Ways to Make Space for Innovation


5 Easy Ways to Make Space for Innovation |  Innovation is a hot topic in education, and it's essential for educators to find ways to support innovation in our students.  In this article for AASL Knowledge Quest, I share five different ways that you can change up your library or classroom space to make room for innovation.

5 Easy Ways to Make Space for Innovation

Our school libraries are no longer made up of the rows upon rows of stacks and hushed, immovable wooden desks. At least, not if we expect them to support the innovative learning styles of our students. The libraries of today need to be interactive learning environments that support a multitude of learning styles and modalities. While a full scale renovation would be awesome, many of us simply don’t have the budgets to completely makeover our spaces all at once. But we can still pursue smaller, less expensive changes that can transform our spaces for our students.

In my article for AASL Knowledge Quest, I take a look at ways to create innovative learning spaces for students.  I draw on my experience from transforming the library at Stewart Middle Magnet, and I offer budget friendly and larger scale ideas for changing up your space.  No matter where you’re at or what your budget is, there are ways for your to support innovation in your students and make your library or classroom a space where students love to be.

In my article, I share these five different strategies for cultivating innovation in your school:

  • Writable surfaces
  • Materials to tinker with
  • Charing stations
  • Variety of seating options
  • Flexible, reconfigurable furniture

I also provide links to several resources that can help you transform your space into an innovation hub.

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