AASL Post: The Magic of Tidying Up Your Library

The Magic of Tidying Up Your Library : Like our homes, our libraries need tidying up as well. This post offers suggestions and advice for how you can tidy up your library and make it awesome.

Just as our lives need tidying up from time to time, so do our libraries.  Decluttering the library can be daunting at first, but it’s totally worth it.  Here’s some more on why we should tidy up:

The Magic of Tidying Up Your Library: An AASL Post

I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo last year.  Here’s how I describe what I learned from that book:

The basic idea is that you should only keep things in your home that spark joy in your heart. Everything else (and she really means everything) has to go. Once you’ve eliminated everything that doesn’t bring you joy, you focus on treating all of your possessions with love and storing and organizing them in a way that shows them respect.

I don’t think this book necessarily applies directly to our libraries, but there’s certainly lessons we can learn from it.

Tidying Up Our Libraries

In my AASL post, I go over three different areas that we can focus on as we tackle the clutter we often find in our spaces.  The most productive places to declutter are:

  • The Collection
  • The Files and Cabinets
  • The Furniture and Technology
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