AASL Post: How to Create a More Flexible Seating Environment

How to Create a More Flexible Seating Environment | Creating a diverse array of flexible seating options in our libraries improves student learning. Here's some advice on how to get started.

“[I]magine how your students feel when they walk into your learning space. Are there comfortable seating options available? Is there a good variety to support both groups and individuals? Or are all the chairs uncomfortable and crammed tightly together?”

In my post for AASL Knowledge Quest, I share the stories of two different airport experiences.  One involves a flexible seating environment with lots of options and comfortable places to sit and work.  The other involves tightly packed chairs, little floor space and comfortable chairs that you have to pay to use.  Reflecting on these two experiences, I share some strategies and tips for creating a flexible seating environment in your library.

How to Create a More Flexible Seating Environment

In my post, I share examples for school libraries in Alberta, Canada to demonstrate flexible seating environments.  Click on over to learn more about:

  • Things to consider in a flexible environment
  • Types of flexible seating
  • Budget friendly and DIY options

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