AASL Post: How to Make a Game Plan for Your Next Conference

How to Make a Game Plan for Your Next Conference | Going to a major conference is exciting and thrilling, but it's easy to get overwhelmed and exhausted. If you plan ahead and make a game plan, you're much more likely to have an awesome and successful conference.

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Going to a national conference can be exciting and thrilling. Unfortunately, it can also be overwhelming and exhausting. I’ve been to ISTE three times, AASL once, and FETC seven times, so I’ve had to time to work on my conference game. Trust me, if you plan ahead, you can make your conference experience SO much better.

I LOVE going to conferences, and I’ve been lucky to get to go to a lot of them.  My first couple times, I was woefully unprepared, hungry and dehydrated all the time, and went to WAY more sessions than my brain could handle.  Learn from my mistakes.

How to Make a Game Plan for Your Next Big Conference

In my post over on AASL Knowledge Quest, I share lessons I’ve from attending major conferences.  Whether your next one is as big as ISTE or ALA, or is a smaller local state event, these tips can help you to have a much better experience.

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  • Plan out your schedule
  • Let go of FOMO
  • Know your transportation options
  • Stay hydrated and fueled
  • Suck it up and wear a backpack
  • Embrace serendipity

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