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Library Vibe Squad: Bringing Student Voice into Your Space with a Leadership Team

Want to bring more student voice into your library space? Start a library student leadership team! Our Library Vibe Squad helps plan programs, displays, outreach, etc. I’ll share about the process of getting started, planning meetings, divvying up responsibilities and creating space for student voice. Students from our leadership team will be at the session to share their own experiences. No matter where you’re at with student leadership in your library, there will be something for you here.

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Reimagining Your Library Space: How to Increase the Vibes in Your Library No Matter What Your Budget

Librarians are leading the way in creating future-ready schools – now we need to update our spaces to match. In this session, attendees will get inspiration for transforming their library spaces. You’ll learn how to survey students, create a focus group, and use design thinking to brainstorm ideas for your space. We’ll discuss budget friendly ways to change your space as well as how to find funding. No matter where you’re at, you’ll find ideas for reimagining your space in this session.


Reimagining Library Spaces
Reimagining Library Spaces: Transform Your Space on Any Budget

In my book, Reimagining Library Spaces, I breakdown a practical process for rethinking and redesigning a library space, no matter where your budget is at.  Each chapter includes action steps and connections to the ISTE standards.  The book also includes examples of four different reimagined library spaces.





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