FAME 2018


Florida Association for Media in Education FAME 2018 Conference

Orlando, FL

November 28-30, 2018

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This Old Library: How to Revamp, Revitalize and Reimagine Your Library

Many of us work in school libraries that were built in the 20th century.  Our collections are a hodge-podge of different collection development strategies (or lack thereof) over the decades.  Whether you’re taking over a new-to-you library program or you’ve been at your school for years, there are probably neglected spaces you would like to spruce up, programs you would like to create and new books that need to be added. It can be overwhelming to try to figure out where to get started.  In this session, you’ll learn strategies for tackling that weeding project, improving usability in your space, changing up your furniture, building collaboration with teachers and more. No matter your grade level, years of experience or the age of your library space, you will come away from this session excited to reimagine your library.


Reimagining Library SpacesReimagining Library Spaces: Transform Your Space on Any Budget

In my book, Reimagining Library Spaces, I breakdown a practical process for rethinking and redesigning a library space, no matter where your budget is at.  Each chapter includes action steps and connections to the ISTE standards.  The book also includes examples of four different reimagined library spaces.




Stewart’s Transformation

Tampa Preparatory 

Weeding and Collection Development

The Physical Space

Collaboration and Programs:

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