How to Reimagine our Library Spaces in a Post-Pandemic World

How to Reimagine Our Library Spaces in a Post-pandemic World(Post contains affiliate links.  If you make a purchase using them, I get a small commission that helps support running this blog.)

How to Reimagine Our Library Spaces in a Post-Pandemic World

Many of our school libraries still look like they did fifty years ago, yet they are no longer serve solely as quiet book repositories.  Librarians are leading the way in technology use and modern pedagogy in our schools – now we need to update our spaces to match.  We’ll discuss how to redesign and rethink the physical space of our libraries, including practical and budget-friendly changes that we can implement right away.  As schools are moving back into in-person learning, we have an excellent opportunity to reimagine our library spaces.  This session will look at how our spaces can help with social emotional learning, community-building, accessibility and inclusion.  We’ll discuss creative and innovative solutions for our spaces, including interactive environments like makerspaces and spaces for students to de-stress.  This session will look at ways that we can bring diversity, equity and inclusion into our library spaces, including focusing on book purchases with a diverse range of authors, characters and experiences. We’ll discuss Universal Design for Learning and accessibility and how these can apply to making our library spaces more student friendly. No matter where you’re at, you’ll get ideas and inspiration from this session.

(Note: Longer version was presented as a workshop at FETC 2022.  Shorter version was presented as an ISTE webinar in June 2022)

(Slides from shorter version from webinar at bottom of page)


Reimagining Library Spaces
Reimagining Library Spaces: Transform Your Space on Any Budget

In my book, Reimagining Library Spaces, I breakdown a practical process for rethinking and redesigning a library space, no matter where your budget is at.  Each chapter includes action steps and connections to the ISTE standards.  The book also includes examples of four different reimagined library spaces.





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