Advocating for Makerspaces in Libraries

Advocating for Makerspaces in Libraries

  Advocating for Makerspaces in School Libraries I’m pleased and honored to announce that I will now be a regular monthly contributor to AASL’s Knowledge Quest blog.  This is likely old news to you if you follow me on Twitter, but with the summer being as crazy as it was I realized that I never … Read more

Making Doesn’t Have An Age Limit

Making doesn't have an age limit | I'm tired of people implying that makerspaces are only good for (insert age group here). We are all makers, whether we're 8 or 80.

  Making Doesn’t Have an Age Limit @DianaLRendina @jhunderhill @venspired Went to a session & speaker said making should only happen at elem. level after that it was too late. — Heather Moorefield (@actinginthelib) July 26, 2015 “Makerspaces are too complicated for elementary students.  You can only get in depth with middle and high school … Read more

Sharing Your Awesome: Why we need to move past the discomfort

I was raised not to brag about my accomplishments.  Do good deeds in secret.  Don’t broadcast your good grades to the world.  Take leadership positions, but always be humble about it.  Never put yourself on a pedestal. As a professional adult, I’ve struggled with reconciling my discomfort with self-promotion and the need to advocate for … Read more

Why Libraries are More Than Books, But Still Need Them

Recently,  changes in Pasco County’s media centers have been making the news.  Pasco is adjacent to my school district, so naturally I’m interested in what’s going on next door.  Last year they eliminated their media specialists, much to the chagrin of their parents and students.  Now they’re talking about modernizing their media centers to keep up … Read more