FETC 2015: Part 1

I’m only on Day 3 of FETC 2015, and it’s already been an amazing whirlwind of awesomeness.  I’ll be writing more detailed reflection posts when I get back to Tampa, since I know I’m only going to have bits and spurts of time for blogging while I’m here. Day 1, January 20, 2014 On Day … Read more


This year marked my fifth year at the Florida Association for Media in Education conference.  I have to say that this year was definitely my best FAME experience yet.  We had an amazing slew of awesome guests, a fabulous keynote speaker (my friend, Tiffany Whitehead) and it was my first time presenting at a conference. … Read more

My Summer of Connecting

When I first got into education, I thought of networking as something that only people in big businesses did.  It was an ugly word, with sleazy, self-serving connotations.  Fast forward a few years, and I realized that my favorite thing about going to conferences was getting to hang out with like-minded, passionate, inspiring educators.  I … Read more

Lessons from ISTE 2014

I’ve been feeling generally inspired since leaving ISTE three weeks ago, and I’m still working on processing everything.  My takeaways from ISTE don’t really focus on awesome new tech I want to integrate (though I saw some cool stuff) or amazing things that I learned in sessions (though there was plenty of that too).  What … Read more

ISTE June 29th Recap

So much going on! So much learning! Started this day in the Digital Age Library Playground. I’d never been to a presentation of this style – it’s similar to poster sessions. Several stations are set up with computers and presentation tools, and different people present on different topics throughout the playground. You can stay at … Read more

ISTE June 28th Recap

  Now I understand what everyone means when they say that a big international conference like this can be overwhelming. Wow! This conference is insanely huge, and insanely crowded. I’m really glad that I had three spare hours on Saturday morning to just explore and get my bearings. I got dropped off at the conference … Read more

FAME 2013 Conference

Just before Thanksgiving break, I attended my state’s media specialists conference, FAME (Florida Association for Media in Education).  It was an amazing, enlightening experience.  I got to mingle and network with other library professionals, attend some great breakout sessions and workshops, and meet up with some fabulous authors.  I look forward to this conference every … Read more