AASL Post: 3 Reasons Why You Need to Attend Your State Conference

AASL Post: 3 Reasons Why You Need to Attend Your State Conference | It's easy to get caught up in the hype and glamour of national conferences. But there's many vital reasons for us to be attending our state conferences as well.

The very first conference I ever attended was my state conference, FAME (Florida Association for Media in Education) back in 2010. I was a brand new librarian and soaked up all the new information, ideas, and connections. It only took one conference to get me hooked. Since then, I’ve attended and presented at conferences all … Read more

FAME 2015 Reflections: Workshops, Maker Playground + More

FAME 2015 Reflections: At FAME 2015 in Orlando, FL, I led my first workshop, organized a makerspace playground, presented on library design and more.

Since I became a media specialist, I’ve had the honor and privilege of attending my state media specialists conference, FAME, every year.  (You can find my posts on 2014, 2013).  Those last two were some of the first times I blogged professionally. Last year’s FAME conference was my very first time presenting anywhere.  This year’s FAME … Read more


This year marked my fifth year at the Florida Association for Media in Education conference.  I have to say that this year was definitely my best FAME experience yet.  We had an amazing slew of awesome guests, a fabulous keynote speaker (my friend, Tiffany Whitehead) and it was my first time presenting at a conference. … Read more

FAME 2013 Conference

Just before Thanksgiving break, I attended my state’s media specialists conference, FAME (Florida Association for Media in Education).  It was an amazing, enlightening experience.  I got to mingle and network with other library professionals, attend some great breakout sessions and workshops, and meet up with some fabulous authors.  I look forward to this conference every … Read more