AASL Post: How to Make a Game Plan for Your Next Conference

How to Make a Game Plan for Your Next Conference | Going to a major conference is exciting and thrilling, but it's easy to get overwhelmed and exhausted. If you plan ahead and make a game plan, you're much more likely to have an awesome and successful conference.

Click on over to AASL Knowledge Quest to read the full post, or scroll down to get the summary: Going to a national conference can be exciting and thrilling. Unfortunately, it can also be overwhelming and exhausting. I’ve been to ISTE three times, AASL once, and FETC seven times, so I’ve had to time to … Read more

The Best Stuff to Pack for Big Education Conferences

The Best Stuff to Pack for Big Education Conferences | It can be daunting to figure out what to bring with you for a big conference. Here's my tips on what stuff you should pack.

Big education conferences like ISTE, ALA, AASL and FETC can be fun, exciting and thrilling.  But they can often be overwhelming, especially for first-timers.  I’ve been going to big conferences like these for seven years, so I’ve been working on tweaking and perfecting my conference gear to make it 1) not too heavy and 2) … Read more

ISTE 2016: Denver Adventures, Presentations and More

ISTE 2016- Denver Adventures, Makerspaces, Presentations and More : ISTE 2016 in Denver was an amazing, wonderful whirlwind of activity. In this post, I give a day-by-day breakdown of my adventures, makerspaces I visited, presentations and more.

ISTE 2016, Denver, Colorado Last week, I was in Denver for the International Society for Technology in Education conference.  This was my third ISTE conference, and like the other two in Atlanta and Philadelphia, it was amazing and exhausting.  It’s taken me a few days to get my energy back and write this post.  I … Read more

Read This Book: Get Active

Read this book: Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces for Student Success | In my review of Get Active, I talk about the learning space design theory that this book discusses. In particular, I look into how active learning spaces play a role in school libraries.

  Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces for Student Success I got my copy of Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces for Student Success at ISTE 2015 this summer in Philadelphia.  I love reading about and studying learning space design theory.  I truly feel that innovative learning environments can transform how our students learn.  This book is an … Read more

10 Tips for Surviving and Thriving at Conferences

10 Tips for Surviving & Thriving at Conferences | Whether you're a seasoned conference-goer or a conference newbie, this post is for you. I've been to lots of conferences and I've learned how to make them better through trial and error. Here's my 10 tips for surviving and thriving at your next conference.

  How to Survive & Thrive at Conferences In recent years, I’ve had the pleasure of attending a variety of both state and national conferences, including several trips to FETC and a trip to ISTE in Atlanta last year.  With these conferences under my belt, I’ve learned a few strategies for managing large conferences.  Giant … Read more

Lessons from ISTE 2014

I’ve been feeling generally inspired since leaving ISTE three weeks ago, and I’m still working on processing everything.  My takeaways from ISTE don’t really focus on awesome new tech I want to integrate (though I saw some cool stuff) or amazing things that I learned in sessions (though there was plenty of that too).  What … Read more